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Diploma in Psychodynamic Parent-Infant Therapy: March 2025


Please note: it is essential that a psychoanalytically informed two-year infant observation programme is undertaken and completed prior to or during the course of the Diploma in Psychodynamic Parent-Infant Therapy.


We offer an 18-month post qualification training in parent-infant psychotherapy. It draws on psychoanalytic and psychodynamic theory, attachment, theories of inter-subjectivity and neuroscience and will support the trainee to develop their skills in engaging and working with parents and infants presented with a wide range of issues. The course will also develop reflective practice and the capacity for working with other professionals and thinking about the network around the family.


Who is the training suitable for?

The programme is suitable for professionals who have a recognised professional clinical registration in any of the following:  psychotherapy, psychodynamic counselling, psychology or arts therapies (such as UKCP, BCP, ACP, BPS, or BACP). Applicants are expected to have a sound understanding of infant and adult mental health, attachment theory and a minimum of two year’s experience of baby observation within a psychoanalytic framework, or be prepared to undertake an observation alongside their training, at the discretion of the training committee. Applicants need to have previous experience of psychodynamic/psychoanalytic personal therapy.


Please see Course Entry Criteria here.


What are the requirements?

Trainees will need to have undertaken personal therapy prior to starting the course and be prepared to be in at least once a week psychoanalytic/psychodynamic psychotherapy for the duration of the training. They will also need to have completed individual psychoanalytic/psychodynamic training and an infant observation course for a minimum of two years. Trainees will undertake a placement for 3-4 terms and be in supervision for this work as well as receiving group supervision as part of the course. There is an expectation that applicants will already have some experience of working with parents and infants. This course is not recommended for parents of children under 2 years old.



This training has been accredited by APPCIOS (The Association for Psychodynamic Practice and Counselling in Organisational Settings), which is a member organisation of the British Psychoanalytic Council.


Time commitment

The taught course will run on Fridays between March 2025 and September 2026. Trainees also need to allow additional time for the placement, reviews, individual supervision, admin, reading and independent learning. Teaching days will be delivered via Zoom. Occasionally, there might be the possibility to meet in person at our offices in Kidlington, Oxford, but only if this is logistically possible for the group.  We would not wish travel to preclude anyone for applying for this training. 


What does the training include?

Trainees will be expected to attend and actively participate in individual and group supervision, teaching seminars, short courses and OXPIP lectures. They will also be expected to read material from the reading list and additional papers as required for seminars. 



Below is a draft list of modules that will be studied on the course:

  • Module 1 - Introduction to Parent-Infant Psychotherapy:
    e.g. Attachment Theory, Assessing Parent-Infant Relationships, Ghosts in the Nursery
  • Module 2 - Practice of Parent-Infant Therapy:
    e.g. Preparation for Clinical Placement, Working with Fathers and Couples, Reflection in Action and on Action, Watch, Wait and Wonder, Ending Therapy
  • Module 3 - Transition to Parenthood:
    e.g. Development of Sense of Self, Reflective Function including  Mind Mindedness
  • Module 4 - Psychoanalytic concepts and thinking:
    e.g. Defences, Ambivalence and Hostility, Transference and Countertransference, Projective Identification, Organisational Dynamics


Short Courses

The training includes attendance on the following OXPIP short courses: Attachment and Intersubjectivity, Assessing Parent-Infant Relationships, Parent-Infant Group Work: Module One, Watch, Wait and Wonder and Ghosts in the Nursery.


Online Lectures

The course fee includes free places for trainees at the OXPIP lectures. Attendance at these is optional but encouraged for professional development. Trainees will be sent a code to book their free places.


Clinical Work

Trainees are expected to undertake a minimum of 90 face-to-face clinical hours with parents and infants over a period of approximately 12 months. 



In order to meet the criteria for the diploma, trainees are required to keep a reflective journal, present their clinical work in group supervision, and following successful completion of clinical work, to submit a case study to the required standard within three months.



The cost of the course is £10,500, plus the application fee (£50) and interview fee (£75).

By accepting an offer of a place on the training, a non-refundable deposit of £5,250 is due within 30 days. Trainees are committed to completing payment for the whole course, which is due before the course begins.

Details of additional costs will be included in the handbook.



Detailed information about the training will be made available in our handbook following successful application.


Further details

Applicants should note that they are required to undertake their own therapy during the training and this will need to be self-funded. Additional psychodynamic/psychoanalytic supervision to the group supervision provided on the course will be required, either provided within the work setting or paid for privately by the trainee.



To apply, please download and complete the form below and email to 

Deadline: 30th August 2024 at 5pm, Interviews: 20th & 27th September 2024, Course Begins: March 2025

OXPIP is committed to equal opportunities



OXPIP Diploma in Psychodynamic Parent-Infant Therapy Application Form


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