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OXPIP Lecture Series since 2014

2023 Online

  • 30th June - Marilyn Sanders
    "Promoting Safety and Security in Infants, Children, and Their Families in an Unsettling World"
  • 28th April - Julianne Boutaleb
    "Loving the Longed For Child: Pregnancy and Parenting after fertility trauma and loss"
  • 27th January - Cherionna Menzam-Sills, PhD
    "Trauma in the Womb"

2022 Online

  • 25th November - Robin Balbernie
    "It starts with baby chat: relationships, language and technoference"
  • 30th September - Gwen Adshead
    "Mothers in Law: The Family Court and Disorganised Attachment"
  • 24th June - Dr Suzanne Zeedyk
    "How much has COVID changed our children? : A discomforting exploration of long-term possibilities"
  • 29th April - Joanna Tucker
    "'Every change involves a loss’: transitioning to parenthood – the impact on parents and baby"

2021 Online

  • 26th November - Tessa Baradon
    "EXPANDING OUR UNDERSTANDING OF CLINICAL PROCESS: What microanalysis of sessional material can inform us about the practitioner’s contributions to ‘therapeutic’ processes in parent-infant work"
  • 24th September - Amanda Jones
    "A way of understanding good enough ‘parental care’ and understanding what processes can make it hard for a parent to give this to their baby and how to have conversations that can help."
  • 25th June - Monika Celebi
    "A Friendly MirrorReaching out to support parents and babies using Video Interaction Guidance (VIG)."
  • 30th April - Gerry Byrne
    "The more loving one…Infants’ shape shifting to dwell in the mind of the parent"
  • 5th February - Gwen Adshead
    "When Mothers Kill"


  • 27th November - Dana Shai (online)
    "Using the Parental Embodied Mentalizing Assessment (PEMA) to Identify Embodied Risk and Protective Factors in the Parent-Infant Relationship"
  • 25th September - Joanna Tucker, OXPIP (online)
    "How ‘Being With’ babies and their emotional experience helps them develop a secure sense of self: using Beebe’s micro-analysis of video interactions to inform how we can help parent-infant relationships"
  • 14th February - Gwen Adshead
    "Mothers at Risk: Forensic Psychotherapy in the Antenatal and Postnatal Period"


  • 19th November - Tessa Baradon
    "Working with fathers in parent infant psychotherapy: Thoughts on triadification (baby/mother/father) and a libidinal group (baby/mother/father/therapist)"
  • 18th October - Dr Sarah Sutton
    "Who do we think we are? The myth of the individual mind"
  • 28th June - Dr Sebastian Kramer
    "Collaborative caregiving: an evolutionary imperative"
  • 15th March - Michela Biseo
    "Knowing and being known: Thoughts on Parent-infant psychotherapy technique in the face of severe maternal psychopathology"
  • 25th January - Joanna Tucker, OXPIP
    “'Match, mismatch and rematch':  an exploration of the interactive processes between parent and baby, and therapist and parent.


  • 23rd November - Jane Eustace, OXPIP
    "Rhythm and Blues: how the development of an attuned rhythm can mitigate depression and anxiety in both mother and baby"
  • 21st September - Dr Michael Yousif
    "Integrated care for women with complex health needs during pregnancy"
  • 16th March -  Amanda Jones
    "The inter-generational transmission of defensive processes in parent-baby relationships and how these affect professionals involved in perinatal care".


  • 17th November - Jessica James
    "Taking parent-infant psychotherapy to ordinary settings: using groups to strengthen relationships, now, not later"
  • 13th October - Monika Celebi
    "‘Weaving the cradle’: facilitating groups for parents and babies in the 1001 critical days"
  • 23rd June - Joanna Chapman, OXPIP
    "The dynamic pain of learning from experience: for the parent and infant, the therapist, and the organisational system"
  • 12th May- Dilys Daws
    "Parent-infant psychotherapy: emotions of parents, babies and professionals"
  • 17th March - Vasu Reddy
    "Why dialogue matters: the development of social understanding in infancy"
  • 3rd February - Joanna Tucker, OXPIP
    "‘Seeing is Believing’: using video-feedback in parent-infant psychotherapy to help change parents’ and babies’ negative representations of themselves"


  • 18th November - Jan Tomlinson, OXPIP
    "Reflections from the Asian Outreach project"
  • 14th October - Alan Stein
    "Perinatal depression and child development: mechanisms and a global perspective" 
  • 24th June - Denise Turner
    "Sudden unexpected child death: Learning about practice from parental experience"
  • 13th May - Rachel Pardoe
    "Hope and fear: focusing on the positive while working with intergenerational trauma – integrating Video Interaction Guidance and psychoanalytic psychotherapy in work with parents and infants"
  • 18th March - Sara Rance
    "“Today I lose and find you”, psychotherapy with a depressed young mother and her baby"
  • 12th February - Robin Balbernie
    "The links between child poverty and infant mental health"


  • 9th October - Becky Saunders
    "Projective identification and the foundations of thought: reflections on early communication from clinical practice in parent-infant psychotherapy"
  • 11th September - Dana Shai
    "Mentalising in Movement: How parental embodied mentalising (PEM) can inform The Importance of Parent-Infant Research and Therapy"
  • 10th July - Maret Dymond
    "Mindfulness for Expectant Parents"
  • 22nd May - Joan Raphael-Leff
    "The Dark Side of the Womb: Pregnancy, Parenting and Perinatal Anxieties"
  • 20th March - Lynne Murray
    "Specificity of effects of parenting in depression and anxiety, and their implications for assessment and intervention"
  • 6th February - Alan Stein
    "The influence of perinatal depression on child development: mechanisms and a global perspective"


  • 21st November - Maria Pozzi
    "Working with a baby and parents affected by mental illnesses: repercussions on the multi-disciplinary and multi-agency teams"
  • 3rd October - Jane Barlow
    "Parent infant psychotherapy: Does it make a difference?"
  • 20th June - Caroline Gluckman
    "Baby observation: what can we learn from looking at a baby?"
  • 2nd May - Graham Music
    "How real learning happens. Using attachment, developmental and neurobiological research to look at why play is central to developing emotional wellbeing, the risks when playfulness does not develop, and the roots of playfulness in early experiences"
  • 21st March - Harriet Calvert
    "How to help Children and Families in a traumatized society. Training of mental health professionals in Sri Lanka"
  • 7th February - Anne Alvarez#
    "The Birth and Re-Birth of Psychic Life"

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